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Ever held an event and then….
*crickets* No one shows up. 

Completely disappointing and heart breaking for everyone who has organised the event. Then you turn around and look at your bank account, and that has taken a pounding as well!

Social media maybe just the answer you are looking for. Events and social media work together like ice cream and chocolate syrup! It does require some patience, but it can certainly help. 

Why Promote Events Through Facebook?

There are a few reasons why to promote events through Facebook. Here are some important reasons: 

– Events can be setup with its own events page on Facebook. From there visitors to the page can mark if they are either: 

  • ‘Going’
  • ‘Interested’
  • ‘Not Going’ 

From here you can confirm or see who is going, to get a better idea of numbers to your event. You could then follow up on messenger and confirm with everyone who says they are ‘Going’ to re-confirm their attendance.

People who are ‘Interested’ have marked ‘Interested’ because they can’t mention they are ‘Going’ as they still need to confirm. So it’s best also to follow up with this audience. 

  • Anyone who visits your Events page and engages, can be kept in Facebook audiences for re-marketing or re-promoting future events.
  • You can update people who have marked themselves as ‘Going’ or ‘Interested’ with posts on the events page you created, with updated content on the event itself, changes to dates, performers or guest speakers. etc.
  • On the day of your event Facebook sends out a reminder and a location map, for everyone who marked they were ‘Going’ to your event.

How to set up events promotions on Facebook 

1.When in Administrator mode on your Business Page, go to the left hand menu and click ‘Events’. You will then be taken to the Events tab page where you can see all your upcoming events, if you have scheduled any, or have the option to create a new event.

2. Click the blue button which says ‘+Create Event’.

3. Once clicked ‘+Create Event’, a rectangular box will appear with the setup instructions for your event. Once you fill out the fields you just click ‘Publish’ at the bottom of the box and you Event is now live!

4. To promote your event you can promote it through Facebook Ads Manager or through your Events Tab page itself, by clicking ‘Promote Event’. Here you can select your target audiences and the budget you would like to spend to promote your event.

It’s very simple to setup events through Facebook and most importantly promote it. This is a great way to hold information nights or to run events which further promote your business.

Written by George Hawwa – Attention Experts. For more insight on other social blogs visit